Ever since the KyoAni arson a few years ago, animation studios have been on edge in regards to threats. While in the past,  studios would tend to disregard most threats, the arson attack on one of Japan’s most famous anime studios became a wake-up call for everyone in the industry. Unfortunately, even with added vigilance and studios reporting threats as soon as one surfaces, it seems that threats on anime studios are still pretty common. And now, it seems that Evangelion’s Studio Khara, is receiving threats as well. Many of these threats stemmed from dissatisfaction with the final Evangelion movie.

The studio has confirmed that staff members have been getting threats and slander, some of which threatened violence. They would then state that they are now protesting these threats which “undermine the staff’s dignity”. The studio says that they will be seeking legal action and seek compensation for statements from the people who sent these threats. In addition, those from Japan who sent these threats and slander will be reported to the police. They also promised to report to foreign police agencies for those outside of Japan.

Anime and Video game studios like Khara and Square Enix, light novel authors and mangaka, and even seiyuu like Yuu Ishikawa, all received dire threats from supposed fans. These all happened after the KyoAni arson fire, and all of them took these threats very seriously. All of them also reported to police. Unfortunately, the fire also emboldened other would-be arsonists, including one which attacked an idol concert a few months ago.

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Source: Evangelion official website


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