Uma Musume is experiencing quite a surge this year. In fact, third highest grossing mobile game in the world for the month of April. And somehow, fans were still able to get back to the real-life horse counterparts for their beloved horse girls. You see, Nice Nature, a 33-year old horse, is now retiring, and Japan’s Retired Horse Association (RHA) launched a campaign for his retirement cost. It’s safe to say that Uma Musume fans pulled through for the horse.

16,296 people donated for Nice Nature, who was the oldest living male Japan Racing Association horse. The RHA itself looks like they did not expect the outpouring if support, as fans donated a total of 35,829,730 yen for the cause. And with a comfortable retirement in the horizon, the horse is expected not to live its life relatively peacefully, unlike most retired or injured race horses who are just put down/euthanized.

Nice Nature had his peak from 1990 to 1996, where he constantly placed third, earning the reputation as a “bronze collector”.

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Source: ANN


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