Since the tragic arson attack on Kyoto Animation, which killed over 30 people, anime studios around Japan have all been taking threats very seriously. And now, Tokyo police have arrested a 25-year old woman for sending an arson threat against Attack on Titan’s original studio, Wit Studio.

The police reported that she is from Oosaki City in Miyagi Prefecture. They charged her for forcible obstruction of business. Apparently, the woman sent an email to Wit Studio last May 7, 2021. In that e-mail, she promised to burn down the studio’s headquarters in one week. Since then, the studio strengthened their security, which of course obstructed some of the studio’s animation and office work. Police are still currently investigating if she has any mental illness, or even a history of sending threatening messages to Wit, as well as others.

Wit Studio is best known for Attack on Titan’s first few seasons, as well as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. They’re also responsible for animating Vinland Saga, as well as The Great Pretender and Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-.

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Source: Yomiuri Shimbun


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