Bandai Namco has held their first Gundam Conference last week. There, they had several big reveals, including a new life-size Gundam, as well as a new Gundam Breaker Battlogue project. And, in that stream, Bandai Namco’s Chief Gundam Officer Koji Fujiwara also revealed that they’re planning on making a new Gundam video game for esports.

With Gundam’s popularity as a franchise, it’s quite easy to see why Bandai Namco wants to have a Gundam esports scene. Currently, they’re developing a new title with esports in mind. And during the First Gundam Conference, a slide in the presentation clearly says “Another esports tournament” and “New game coming soon”. What those are are still a huge mystery for now. However, there will be a 2nd Gundam Conference happening in autumn where they might announce what that new esports game will be. They will also reveal new details about the life-size Gundam during that conference.

Now, there’s already quite a scene for games like Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost On. In fact, its PS4 release even made it as a side tournament for Evo 2021, and previous versions of the game were also featured as side tournaments for Evo as well. However, the Extreme Vs games don’t have a big enough following to make it to the main tournaments.

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