Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway is now screening in theaters across Japan. And during one stage greeting during a special screening event, producer Naohiro Ogata has confirmed that the movie series wil be a trilogy. He also teased the second movie, which will be set in Australia.

He did not reveal any further details on the second movie. However, he did say that he wants to release the second movie as soon as possible. He also admitted that location scouting in Australia is quite difficult right now. He did not say the reason for this, but likely it’s the pandemic, with all those travel restrictions.

As for the first movie, it’s now showing, with Netflix streaming it soon. The movie earned 524 million yen in its first three days at the Japanese box office, and many say it’s on route to becoming one of the highest grossing Gundam movies yet.

Sunrise originally planned to release the anime in July of last year, but moved it back to May this year. It adapts Gundam creator Yoshiyuki “Kill’em All” Tomino’s Hathaway’s Flash novel, which serves as a direct sequel to his Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika Children novel. The anime itself will serve as a sequel to the classic Char’s Counterattack anime film.

Gundam Wing character designer Shukou Murase will direct the movie, with Yasuyuki Muto writing the screenplay. And much like all Gundam anime, Sunrise is animating the film.

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