Akihabara is known for having tons of maid cafes. In fact, maids handing out signs in the street are a common sight in the “Electric Town”. Unfortunately, they are becoming a rarer sight these days. This is because recently, Tokyo police have been cracking down on illegal maid cafes.

Previously, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested five female Akihabara maid cafe managers, as well as a male maid cafe owner. It seems that they broke Japan’s Adult Entertainment Business Regulation Law. It seems that these Maid Cafes, which should be classified as “Social Bars” listed themselves as “Ordinary Restaurants”. This is because ordinary restaurants can stay open for as long as possible, while social bars are required to open until 1 am only.

Those six arrests are but the latest. Last April, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have already made arrests at four different Maid Cafes around Akihabara. All four had similar charges of breaking Japan’s Adult Entertainment Business Regulation Law.

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Source: Sora News 24


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