For the first time since the tragic arson fire that killed several people, including prominent animators and directors, Kyoto Animation will be holding a brand new fan event. This will be the fifth of their “Thanks Event,” and they’re calling it the KyoAni Music Festival. This would also be the first “Thanks Event” in four years.

The event will happen at the Rohm Theater in Kyoto on November 20 and 21. Unfortunately, details are still a bit scarce for the event, including guests, performers, and ticket release details. However, do expect KyoAni to reveal more information in the days to come.

They last held their fan appreciation event last 2017, though planned to have it come back in 2019. Unfortunately, that was also the year that the arson fire tragically happened. Instead, the studio decided to hold a public memorial for the victims instead of the event.

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