Mangaka Naoki Urusawa has made a name for himself with several legendary manga titles like 20th Century Boys and Master Keaton. And now, it looks like he has become a YouTuber as well! The mangaka launched his own YouTube channel, and it”s all about drawing. He launched his first video back in April 30, and here it is:

He actually teaches how to draw in the manga style with his videos. And remember, this is a multi-award-winning mangaka responsible for some legendary titles, some of which received an anime adaptation. He mostly teaches basics, and it would certainly be a big help to anyone wanting a career in manga… though I doubt he would give tips on pulling all nighters and meeting impossible deadlines.

So far, Urusawa has released three videos as of writing. However, all of them have tips on how to draw in the manga style, so people might learn a thing or two from an industry legend.

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Source: Urusawa Channel


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