With vaccines slowy rolling out around the world, things are on track to get back to normal. And just in time too, because the company behind Pokemn GO has announced a new AR game, which would have people going outside to walk around again. And this time, they are teaming up with both HASBRO and Takara TOMY for a new Transformers AR game! It’s called Transformers: Heavy Metal.

Of course, it will launch for both iOS and Android devices, with Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship developing the game. It will launch in several select countries soon, but Niantic plans to have a global release later this year.

Players will find themselves joining the Guardian Network. It features humans working with Autobots to fight the Decepticons in turn-based battles. Players can also battle solo, as well as in a party with friends.

Not much is known about this game yet. However, expect Niantic to reveal even more details in the days to come.

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Source: Niantic 


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