After a few scuffles, panic buying, and threats to safety, stores all over the world have decided to limit the sales of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. While it is prevailant in the United States, it’s also happening in Japan it seems. While Pokemon Center has found a way to prevent scalpers by doing lotteries, a convenience store, which cannot do online lotteries, has found a way to limit the sales of Pokemon cards and stop scalpers.

Twitter user @kagura_pokeca has revealed that a 7/11 Convenience Store recently limited the sale of card packs to just one per person if that person is a middle schooler or older. Children in Elementary school meanwhile, can only buy three packs per person. But that is not all, because according to a sign, customers must prove they actually play the game!

Apparently, interested buyers must answer how one could use Trainer Cards. But would a question like that stop scalpers? Maybe a few who have no idea how the game works, but those scalpers who used to play the game as kids and into adulthood? They can surely answer that easily.

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Source: Otakomu


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