Tanjiro’s box/backpack where he carries around his sister, Nezuko, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic items in anime right now. And now, it’s getting its own official travel luggage bag from anime merchandise company, Movic!

You can definitely hold your size-changing demon sister inside the bag… or your clothes for travel. Animate stores across Japan, as well as Movic’s own official website will be selling these luggage bags, which owners can also convert into a stroller.

The luggage bags come with a wood grain exterior to simulate Tanjiro’s wooden box. It also comes with a faux-leather interior as well. And as it’s also a stroller, it also comes with a handle and four wheels. They wil be releasing it in October 22, and it comes with a price tag worth 27,500 yen. Pre-orders are now open until July 7, 2021.

Oh, and unless she has the power to change her size, please don’t stuff your sister inside this bag, just don’t.

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Source: Comic Natalie



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