It’s no secret that the anime industry is quite abusive, infamous for having animators being overworked and underpaid. There is also the fact that it’s full of sexual harassment, as well as other shady dealings that most fans don’t even know about.

This is where Anime unit and episode director Taiki Nishimura, a veteran of the industry, comes in. In a tweet, he wrote: When I told lawyers that my anime work doesn’t involve a contract, they were all shocked. I want to do my best to help straighten out this industry which is rife with sexual harassment and power harassment. By doing that, I’d be out of a job. I want to rectify the problems with the help of the Directors Guild of Japan.”

If you are not familiar, the Directors Guild of Japan advocates for the rights of film directors in Japan. Among their many advovacies are the reform of copyright law in order to expand and protect the rights of directors. Nishimura himself is a member, working as episode director for Gundam SEED Destiny, Valverave The Liberator, and School Rumble. He also worked on the storyboards for many other anime as well.

Animation studios in Japan are infamous for being slave drivers. In fact, one man from A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online) even committed suicide due to overwork. And earlier this April, a production assistant sued Madhouse for overworking him and won that lawsuit. Madhouse did treat him better afterwards, but the studio’s mistreatment of animators still goes on apparently. Even mangaka who had their works adapted into anime do not usually get paid. The most famous example might just be The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.’s Shuuichi Asou… who finally got paid after he went public with the ordeal.

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