Zombie Land Saga Revenge, which has finally aired its 11th and penultimate episode, is heading to quite a finale. Its 12th and final episode will air on June 24, and its staff just revealed that the episode will have no commercial breaks! Director Munehisa Sakai and MAPPA producer Manabu Otsuka announced that the final episode will be longer than normal. And to celebrate the upcoming finale, character designer Kasumi Fukagawa drew a commemorative illustration.

In addition, the staff also revealed that the anime will also have a special as well. It will star Mamoru Miyano, as well as the members of the anime’s in-story zombie idol group, Franchouchou.

The anime itself follows the members of Franchouchou, which comprises of dead idols from all over history…. as well as Sakura, to “save Saga”. Muse Asia is currently streaming the anime for free via YouTube here in Southeast Asia.

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SOURCE: Zombie Land Saga official website


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