Ever wonder how companies greenlight sequels for certain anime, while others don’t? Well, anime producer Masuo Ueda recently apeared in renowned character designer Terumi Nishii’s YouTube channel to explain how. The video comes with English subtitles, with Ueda explaining the process of how anime get sequels, as well as how fans can help push for certain other anime to get sequels as well.

In his explanation, Ueda stated that sequels can never be created unless the original creator, such as the mangaka, author, or game designer, has agreed upon one. However, he did admit that “it’s better for fans to contact anime production companies over publishers”. He stated that production companies tend to listen to fans more, and are more receptive to letters and emails… as long as they don’t disrupt the business that is. Social Media might also be a good way to ensure that anime get sequels. These days, companies are using social media more and more for market research. Unfortunately, Ueda also admitted that this can sometimes backfire.

As for anime that did not sell well or had low ratings and low home video sales, he did admit that it’s impossible for these anime to get sequels. However, while getting a sequel would be hard, getting a reboot down the line ain’t impossible, so there’s still hope for you The Promised Neverland fans out there. One of his examples is Fate/Stay Night. While the original Studio DEEN anime was very successful, the newer ufotable version proved to be a much bigger success.

As for Ueda, he says that he still hopes that his former studio, Sunrise, would make a sequel to City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes. He says that then movie made a profit and would love for the production committee to give back to the fans. He began working with Sunrise in 1979 before leaving and working for Aniplex in 2003. He would then become president and CEO of A-1 Pictures in 2010, before leaving Aniplex in 2017. He now serves as a representative and planning producer for Skyfall, LLC.

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Source: Anime News Network


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