Baki Hanma is back with a new anime titled Baki: Son of Ogre. And now, as the Baki franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary, the staff revealed that the latest anime in the franchise will premiere in Fall 2021 via Netflix. They also revealed a brand new PV for the series as well.

In addition, the staff also revealed a new key visual for the upcoming anime as well:

Netflix is currently streaming their original Baki series, which currently has 39 episodes. Toshiki Hirano directed it over at TMS Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the staff also revealed new details on the Baki franchise’s 30th anniversary celebrations. In addition to the new anime, Weekly Shounen Chapion’s editorial department is launching a special creative contest. Fans can submit their Baki artworks, cosplays, videos, photos, and others. Baki’s legendary mangaka, Keisuke Itagaki (and father to Beastars mangaka Paru Itagaki), will be judging the submissions himself. Prizes include various Baki goodies, and they bear Itagaki’s autograph.

Itagaki first launched the first Baki the Grappler manga in October 1991 inside the pages of Weekly Shounen Champion. It is still ongoing, and yes, it actually has been running longer than One Piece. It first received an anime adaptation in the form of an OVA back in 1994. It would then get its own TV anime in 2001, before the Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts OVA in late 2016. Netflix would then launch the latest one, just titled “Baki”, in 2018. Baki: Son of Ogre will be the latest addition in the series.

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