Disney+ has now started streaming their much-anticipated Loki series. And in Japan, to help promote this new Marvel show, Marvel Studios has teamed up with legendary Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo for a special collaboration. In fact, Kubo has released a new artwork featuring Bleach Villain Aizen alongside the Norse god of mischief himself:

In the artwork, Aizen is sporting the same smug smirk as the one actor Tom Hiddleston is sporting as Loki in the show’s poster. As for Kubo, he has said that he was really happy to be able to draw Aizen again. This would also be the first time he has drawn Aizen in a long time.

Marvel released the collaboration on Loki Day. The two characters share a ton of similarities. And yes, both are known to be quite treacherous. Marvel has pointed out that Loki is the “God of Betrayal” and Aizen is the “Soul Reaper of Betrayal”.

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Source: Marvel Studios Japan


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