After that huge announcement, the official Gundam portal site, Gundam.Info, has finally released the motion comic for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Eclipse. The website promises to update the series every other week. So far, they have already released the first episode, which debuted last July 26th. You can now check it out THROUGH THIS LINK.

Gundam.Info has promised to release the next episode on August 9, 2021.

The series is part of Gundam SEED’s  Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) line, along with the various Astray series. Set in CE 72, the manga will follow a mobile suit pilot named Tatsumi Houri. He will be piloting the brand new Eclipse Gundam, which can transform itself into a Mobile Armour. SOW is writing its story, while Atsushi Soga is providing the artwork. Meanwhile, Kogado Studio is designing the characters, while Astray designer Junichi Akutsu is designing the mecha.

And speaking of Gundam SEED, new GunPla will be coming up for the Eclipse series. Meanwhile, a new Gundam SEED anime is also in the works, as well as a new Mobile Suit Gundam Seed video game. Unfortunately, they did not reveal any further details about those projects so far. They also revealed that they have other projects for Gundam SEED’s 20th anniversary, which they will be announcing soon.

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