Well, looks like ufotable is in trouble with the law… again. But this time, the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office has set up a special investigation department, and they have formally indicted the anime studio as well as, founder and president Hikaru Kondo, for tax evasion. More specifically, they seem to have violated Japan’s Corporation Tax Act and Consumption Tax Act for failing to pay about 137 million yen in taxes. This includes corporate taxes.

After the indictment surfaced, ufotable released a statement via their official website. They confirmed that the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s Office has indeed indicted the studio and its president. However, they also said that they have already paid the amount that they owed the government and have also already filed the correct tax return.

In a previous report by the the Mainichi Shimbun stated that a source close to the investigation told them that Kondo hid around 30& of the proceeds from the ufotable cafe in Tokyo. He would then store the money inside a safe in his own home. The ufotable Cafe would then report a reduced revenue for the years 2015, 2017, and 2018. The studio would then hide around 446 million yen. The computation for taxes would then result to a 110 million yen worth of debt in corporate taxes, as well as a 29 million yen debt in consumption taxes. The Mainichi Shimbun source also stated that the studio would use the unpaid tax money to fund company and its business. Since the investigations started, fans have been speculating if the unpaid tax money was used to fund the studio’s big budget animation sequences. The government also previously fined the studio and Kondo for tax evasion.

ufotable is best known for several Fate anime, including the Unlimited Blade Works TV anime, the Heaven’s Feel movies, and Fate/Zero. They also produced the God Eater anime, as well as the animations for the game. And of course, they’re also responsible for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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