They’re baaaack! Well, in a new key visual to celebrate their 20th anniversary that is. The annual DigiFes event, also known as the Digimon Festival, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Digimon Tamers. It features a new visual featuring the Tamers and their respective partner Digimon.

DigiFes will happen at the Yokosuka Arts Theater in Kanagawa on August 1, 2021. It’s a port town, so the Tamers cast are sporting sailor-themed outfits in the visual. But while Digimon Tamers looks to be taking centerstage for the event’s promotion, DigiFes will also feature other Digimon titles as well.

Guests include the main cast of Digimon Tamers, including thelegendary seiyuu, Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball’s Son Goku), who voices Guilmon in the anime. Several cast members Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna are also appearing on stage during the event.

And that’s not all, because a special project will launch for the event. It will feature the cast, staff, and fans singing Digimon’s very first (and legendary) OP, Butter-Fly. It will be a live event, but they will also be livestreaming it as well. Physical attendance tickets will go on sale on July 17, while livestream tickets will go on sale on July 2, 2021.

Digimon Tamers launched back in April 2021. It was the first Digimon series with a separate timeline from the original Digimon anime. While not as popular as the first two, it still gained a huge fanbase, and is still fondly remembered by many who grew up watching it. Now, are you the biggest dreamer?

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