A Filipino modeler ihas become viral for his custom Zoids models which he completely made out of plastic. Bongbong Valentino posted his works, which are custom zoids models as children, to the Philippine  modeling Facebook group KATHA ( FILIPINO FIGURE CUSTOMIZERS AND ARTISTS ). The post went viral in the toy collecting and modeling community.

He says he used recycled plastic materials to make these zoids, which are a Liger Zero and a Blade Liger. He also mentioned that the models he made are as big as dogs. Here are more images from his post:

Mr. Valentino did not elaborate further on how he made these Ligers. However, he did receive much praise from other members of the group, as well as the Philippine modeling and collecting community. As of writing, the Facebook post received 8,000 reactions. A local Philippine news outlet even noticed and shared his work online as well.

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