Jujutsu Kaisen is getting its own anime prequel movie with Jujutsu Kaisen 0. And now, the anime’s Twitter Page has revealed the character designs for Yuuji’s lovable senpai… as first year students! That is right folks, the staff have revealed the slightly younger character designs for Maki, Toge, and Panda

MAPPA will once again be animating the project, much like the TV anime. Meanwhile, Toho will be distributing it in Japan. The staff have also previously announced that it will hit Japanese theaters on December 24, 2021.

The new anime movie adapts creator Gege Akutani’s own manga of the same name. Its story takes place before the events of the TV anime, and focuses on Yuuta Okotsu. Here is how MyAnimeList describe its story:

Yuuta Okkotsu is haunted. Ever since his childhood friend Rika died in a traffic accident, her ghost has stuck with him. But her spirit does not appear as the sweet girl Yuuta once knew. Instead, she manifests as a monstrous and powerful entity who fiercely protects him. Unable to control Rika’s violent behavior, Yuuta is helpless to stop the bloodshed that follows from her brutal vengeance. As a result, when apprehended by “Jujutsu” sorcerers—the secret guardians of the world, trained to combat forces like Rika—Yuuta wishes to be completely isolated so that no one else can get hurt.

Yet his apprehender, the master sorcerer Satoru Gojou, has different plans for him: he will join Jujutsu High School and learn to control Rika in order to help people. Now a first-year at this school, Yuuta starts to learn Jujutsu arts and combat malignant beings. Alongside his new classmates Maki Zenin, a Jujutsu weapons expert; Toge Inumaki, a spellcaster who uses his words as weapons; and Panda, a seemingly walking and talking panda bear, Yuuta begins to find his place in the world and, for once, to feel comfortable with his abilities. However, as his training progresses, Yuuta comes to learn that the dangers of the Jujutsu world go far beyond that of wicked spirits.

Expect the staff to reveal more details in the days to come.

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source: Jujutsu Kaisen Official Twitter Page


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