American entertainment news site, Variety, has reported that Netflix is now developing a live-action Pokemon series. According to the report, it is now in “early development”. The report also stated that its sources have confirmed that this would in fact be a live action series.

Variety also stated in their report that Lucifer’s Joe Henderson will be serving as both executive producer and writer. Henderson is currently working on the final season of Lucifer for Netflix, as well as an upcoming show called Shadecraft. Neither Henderson nor Netflix released a comment about the reported live-action series. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about the new Netflix show just yet.

Right now, Netflix is streaming several Pokemon TV anime, as well as anime movies. They’re also streaming the first live-action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu. For now, the beloved video game and anime franchise has the distinction of not having a live-action adaptation that sucked, as Detective Pikachu received much acclaim from longtime fans, as well as critics.

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Source: Variety


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