With the Olympic games already going on, exchanges in culture has been kicked into high gear. And now, one of the biggest surprises is that French President Emmanuel Macron has received a gift. That gift came from none other than One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda, who gave the leader of one of the world’s largest economies a One Piece artwork. Macron is noted to be a big fan of One Piece.

And it’s not just Macron, a lot of people in France are huge fans of Oda’s works. In fact, France is one of the biggest markets for anime and manga right now. And their current president is really just “One of Us”. He even thanked Oda for the gift in the Tweet above. Oda also wrote a message to one of his most famous fans in French. You can see his message to Macron on the lower right hand side of the artwork.

He acknowledged that he is a big One Piece fan, and thanked Eiichiro Oda for the gift. In turn, Macron may have advertised the manga not just to the entire country, but the world.

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Source: Emmanuel Macron’s Twitter Page


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