Some very sad news from the manga and light novel industry, as Square Enix’s Manga Up website has announced that The Misfit of Demon King Academy Mangaka, Kayaharuka, has now passed away. He was battling cancer, and recently cancelled his manga to receive treatment. The website did not state the cause of his death, but the mangaka has been open with his battle with pancreatic cancer.

The announcement also stated that the mangaka’s family already held funeral services for him.

The mangaka has said that he has known that he had cancer since September 2019. However, he did express that he is regretting that the manga had to end this way. Fortunately, the mangaka did admit that he has treasured his time working on the manga. His work adapts Shu’s original The Misfit of Demon King Academy light novel series, which recently received an anime adaptation.

Square Enix publishes the manga in English, and here’s how they describe its story:

Despite their appetite for destruction, even demon kings tire of all the blood and chaos sometimes! When Anoth reincarnates in the hopes of a more peaceful life, he ends up going to school with his descendants in his old castle 2,000 years later. But with magic on its last legs in this era, no one is able to assess Anoth’s true power!

Kayaharuka launched the manga adaptation back in July 2018. Currently, it already has three tankoubon volumes released. May he rest in peace.

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source: Manga Up!


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