Some sad news for all you AKB48 fans out there, as the Japanese mega idol group’s official website has announced that they’re cancelling several events and concerts. The main reason is the COVID-19 virus, which has infected seven of the group’s members. They are Maho Omori, Narumi Kuranou, Nagisa Sakaguchi, Serika Nagano, Yuka Suzuki, Sorano Uemi, and Remi Tokunaga.

According to the official AKB48 blog, four of the idols, Omori, Kuranou, Nagano, and Suzuki, each had a fever on July 30. They would then test positive cia a PCR test on the very next day. Sakaguchi and Uemi would next get fevers on Saturday, and would test positive the next day. The last one to have a fever and test positive would be Tokunaga. Currently, they are determining who came into contact with the girls, who they’ve asked to self-isolate at home. Luckily, none of them needed hospitalization.

The events, appearances, and concerts that the group’s management is cancelling includes the Murayama Team 4 “Te o Tsunaginagara” performance, the “SkyPer! Idol Fes! ~2021 Natsu~” TV event, the “AKB48 Fresh Concert ~Natsu wa Yappari AKB48!~,” and the “8-Gatsu 8-Nichi wa Eight no Hi 2021 Yokohama Oshare Matsuri” event.

We wish the girls a speedy recovery. And for this pandemic to end and we all return to normalcy more quickly, please wear a mask, always wash your hands, observe social distancing, and get the vaccine as soon as possible.

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Source: AKB48 official blog 


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