Legendary mangaka Fujio Akatsuka’s Osomatsu-kun is inspiring a live-action adaptation. To be specific, its sequel, Mr. Osumatsu, is getting a live-action movie adaptation. Popular Japanese idol group, Snow Man, will be starring in the mopvie, with live-action Tokyo Revengers’ Tsutomu Hayabusa directing. This will be the first live-action movie for the long-running franchise.

From the image above, the cast includes Kouji Mitsukai (in red) as Osomatsu. Other cast members include Hikaru Iwamoto as Karamatsu, Raul as Todomatsu, Ren Meguro as Choromatsu, Daisuke Sakuma as Juushimatsu, and Tatsuya Fukazawa as Ichimatsu. They will also include new original characters as well. Ryota Miyadate will star as Period. Ryouhei Abe will star as Close, and Shouta Watanabe will star as End.

TOHO will be distributing the movie in Japan, while Ryouichi Tsuchiya is writing the scripts. They are planning to release the movie in Spring 2022, but did not reveal any further details as of yet.

Mr. Osomatsu is based on Fujio Akatsuka’s Osomatsu-kun manga, which began its run in the 1960’s. The original features the sextuplets as kids who all have a crush on the same girl. With Mr. Osomatsu, the series now features the brothers as adults.

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