Gundam fans, rejoice! During the second Gundam Conference, Bandai and Sunrise revealed several huge announcements. Of course, one of the biggest ones would be that for the first time in seven years, we’re getting a new Gundam TV anime! Its title is Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, and it will premiere in 2022.

They also announced a new Universal Century Gundam anime movie titled Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island. It will also open in 2022, with Yoshikazu Yasuhiko directing the movie. It will be retelling the 15th episode of the original 1979 anime, with the crew of the White Base running into a former soldier, Cucuruz Doan, and his Zaku.

The event also announced a third new Gundam anime coming up. It will be a 9-part special compilation of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. It will premiere in Spring 2022.

But the new anime ain’t even the biggest news, because as promised previously, they will be erecting a new life0size Gundam. This time, it will be a lesser known mobile suit known as the RX-93ffν Gundam, which is based on Amuro Ray;s own Nu Gundam. It will feature a new long-range fin funnel mount, as opposed to the multitude of fin funnels on the original RX-93 Nu Gundam. During the announcement, “Chief Gundam Officer” Koji Fujiwara stated that it will feature some of the gimmicks that the Nu Gundam is best known for.

They will be placing this new life0size statue at the Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport in Fukuoka. They plan to finish it by 2022. Expect Bandai to reveal more details about the statue, as well as the new upcoming anime, in the days to come.

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