Yeah, you just read the title right. Nissin actually thinks that ramen would make a great soda flavour. And yes, this is quite common for Japanese food brands to release weird editions of their popular food items. For now, Nissin has already opened pre-orders for these bad boys:

The sodas actually celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nissin’s Cup Noodle brand. Flavours include Cup Noodle Soda; Cup Noodle Seafood Soda; Cup Noodle Curry Soda; Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda. And yes, each soda promises to reproduce the flavour of each Cup Noodle they represent. So yeah, Seafood or Curry-flavoured soda… yum?

And that’s not all, because Nissin is also reproducing these flavours in various Umaibo snacks. They will then release them in limited edition sets, with all four ramen-flavoured sodas going with all eight Nissin Cup Noodles, as well as their Nissin Cup Noodle-inspired umaibou sticks. Each set will cost around 2,998 yen.

These sodas have certainly raised a ton of eyebrows, both in Japan and abroad. But if you are into this sort of stuff, or are just curious on how they taste, then go ahead! Pre-orders will open on September 17 via various outlets, including Amazon and Rakuten.

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